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A New Year dawns…. and its time for US LaxCon!!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on January 10, 2013

When you are a “blogger” (or try to be a “blogger”), posts should be frequent.  Its hoped that past posts have generated a following so that readers return to see what you have posted.  I’d love to have the freedom to post daily and even weekly but life just completely interferes.  I cannot count the number of times I have sat down at the computer to pump out a post and have then been distracted by some other matter or pulled away to something more pressing.  My apologies.

All that aside, its now 2013!  Happy New Year everyone!! Its cold outside and in many areas there is snow on the ground.  And yet lacrosse season is just around the corner. In fact, on the collegiate level some teams are gearing up for their first game in just about a month!!  For me personally, lacrosse is a year-round endeavor.  I now coach youth teams in Spring, Fall and Winter.  The spring season is my town’s Rec team.  In the Fall and Winter I coach an “elite” team (which won the winter championship last year!!).  Additionally I c0-coach my local high school team in a winter league.

As the calendar starts a new year, that also means another major lacrosse event is on the horizon – the annual US Lacrosse Convention.  This year the convention is back in Philadelphia.  I will again be heading to Philly on Friday to attend numerous coaching clinics and to conduct some business as well.  See my post about last year’s convention here: Coach B at 2012 LaxCon

I love attending the annual US Lacrosse convention.  Almost nowhere else do coaches at all levels, from youth all the way to professional come together in one place, along with top collegiate players and professional lacrosse players.  Everyone is approachable and friendly.  Its a “brotherhood”.  Any laxer understands what I’m talking about.  I plan to tweet updates over the weekend (@laxpatlawman) and update on my Facebook page.  And I promise a full summary report after the weekend.

When Monday roles around, I’ll compile all the info I gathered from the clinics and start planning for the start of the Spring Rec season!!  For my town’s Rec team there is just another couple of weeks left before registration closes. Hopefully all Spring players are shaking off the rust and getting in shape.  For the 8th grade team that I coach this is their final season before moving on to High School!

One last thing, check out this video:  

Very impressive skills!!


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