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Thunderstruck vs. Mad-Chat Time Change for 10/31

Posted by Barry Marenberg on October 25, 2010


So that the boys can get out and have some trick-or-treating fun on Sunday, our game vs. Mad-Chat has been moved to 3pm on the same field that we played on this past Sunday vs. Summit (Field 3).
I know many of our players will be coming directly from their football games but please try and get to the field by 2:30pm for some warm-ups.  This is our final regular season game and an important one since it will determine our seeding for Championship Sunday the following week.



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Posted by Barry Marenberg on October 21, 2010

Our Team THUNDERSTRUCK shorts were featured today on the website.  You can view the post by clicking this link: .  If you are not already visiting the regularly you are missing out on some great daily lacrosse stuff.  The link to the lacrosse playground website is also in my blogroll on the ride side of this page.


Our game this week is on Sunday at 4pm vs. Summit on Field 3.  All players should be at field by 3:30pm.

– Coach B

(note: I changed colors on my blog to coincide with the Fall/Halloween season)

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Summer Select Team Tryout Advice from Coach B

Posted by Barry Marenberg on October 20, 2010

Summer select team tryouts start this weekend.  For those of you trying out, the following is a few pieces of advice I can offer from my past experiences attending these tryouts with my son:

  1. You have 2 hours (or whatever the tryout is) to make the best impression possible.  It is not a long time so give it your ALL.  100% effort from start to finish.
  2. If you get beat, fall down, make a mistake – get right back up and right back into whatever you are doing.  Do not dwell on the mistake.  Recover and move on.
  3. Show your skills but be a team player as well.  If you knock a guy down, help him up and pat him on the back.
  4. There will be many coaches at these tryouts and they are all watching you (even when you think they are not).
    1. If you are waiting online for your turn in a drill, don’t be talking or laughing it up about anything.  Cheer on the other players.
  5. Don’t dwell on which team or league is “better” than the other – at this point in time you should just be focusing on playing and improving yourself as a lacrosse player.
  6. Don’t be nervous.  Its lacrosse.  Most of you have been playing it for years now.  Its nothing new.  Have fun.  If you are having fun you will do your best.

If any parent or player has any questions or wants to talk with me prior to tryouts I invite you to call or e-mail me.  I wish you all the best of luck!

– Coach B

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Lax Superstar Paul Rabil featured in article in NY Times

Posted by Barry Marenberg on October 14, 2010

Lacrosse Star Paul Rabil is the feature of an article in today’s New York Times.

Check it out here: 14rabil.html

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Pre-Summer Team Tryout Throw Around This Saturday (10/16/10)

Posted by Barry Marenberg on October 13, 2010

As many of you know, tryouts for the Summer 2011 Select teams begin shortly (see my prior posting).  I will be holding an informal throw around at AirCast field on Saturday from 2-3pm (weather permitting).  The throw around is open to players on all Chiefs teams.  If your son is planning to try out for the first time or if your son has played Summer lacrosse before but wants to come out and throw around this is a great opportunity. Players can work on skills, ask questions and get some insight about the tryout process.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

– Coach B

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Trilogy Lacrosse Skills Clinics

Posted by Barry Marenberg on October 13, 2010

On Saturday November 13th, Trilogy Lacrosse will be hosting two lacrosse clinics at West Essex H.S. in Caldwell, NJ.  The first clinic will be for players in Grades 1-4 and will be held from 2-4pm.  A second clinic for players in Grades 5-8 will be held from 4-6pm.

The clinic for Grades 1-4 is Youth clinic and costs $40.  The clinic for Grades 5-8 is a level 2 clinic geared towards players who have played for several years and are looking to take their game to the next level.  The clinic will incorporate techniques and drills that will not only help players reinforce their fundamental skills but also introduce concepts to make those skills more dynamic.  The fee for the level 2 clinic is $50.

The clinics will be led by Trilogy Lacrosse National Directors Mitch Belisle and John Orsen.  Mitch Belisle is a defenseman who played for Cornell and is a current professional lacrosse player.  John Orsen played for Hofstra in college and is also a current professional lacrosse player.

The Trilogy program is highly regarded for their lacrosse education and training.  These clinics are a great opportunity to learn from top lacrosse teachers and professionals.  You can register for the clinics on the Trilogy website at the following link:

For the player looking to improve his game for the Spring and/or Summer, these are excellent clinics that will help take the player’s game to the next level.

– Coach B

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Summer 2011 Elite/Select Team Tryout Information

Posted by Barry Marenberg on October 11, 2010

Most of you received the CHIEF’s email last week listing all the Summer Elite/Select Team Tryout information.  I have included it below as well (note that the date for the Morris Select tryout has changed – the correct date is below).  The below list is far from the complete list of NJ Summer teams — its simply a list of the more local ones.

For many of you, this might be your first exposure to Summer Elite Lacrosse.  Having gone through the tryouts and a Summer of tournaments last year with my son, Zander, I can say simply that if your son loves playing lacrosse, he will love playing tournament lacrosse over the summer.  The Summer Elite teams provide a unique opportunity for players to play with new teammates against many different skilled lacrosse teams from all over the eastern seaboard.  As a player on a Summer elite team, your son will learn a great deal and improve his skills as a lacrosse player.

You should know that joining a Summer Elite team is a huge commitment.  Your sons will tryout over the next couple of months and (hopefully) receive letters informing them that they have been selected for one or more teams.  Once you decide on a team you will then need to pay anywhere from about $850-$1,200 depending on the team.  Practices for the Summer teams typically start in June after our Spring games end.  Practices are 2-3 times per week and can sometimes be a bit of a trek from our local area.  For example, one of the Summer teams practice at Rutgers (hopefully you’ll be able to set up carpools).  Most Summer teams play 4-5 tournaments in consecutive weekends starting at the end of June and into July (some skip the 4th of July weekend/some don’t).  As a member of a select Summer team your son is expected to make all of the tournaments.  Of course the coaches and league directors realize that everyone has certain family obligations, etc. but the expectation is that if selected for the team the players will play in all tournaments.  Also important to note is that some of the tournaments require travel.  Some teams play tournament in Baltimore, in Boston, in Pennsylvania, etc.  As I said, it’s a commitment.

I am familiar with every program listed below and have spoken recently with coaches and/or the Directors of the programs below.  Making any of the below teams is an accomplishment and your son will end up a better player at the end of the Summer no matter which team he plays on.  You should note that many teams require that you register in advance for their tryouts and all teams charge a tryout fee (typically $40-$50).  Check the team websites for tryout registration information.

Lastly, I’ll also note that the tournaments are A LOT of fun for the parents as well.  If you have questions about any of the teams below, about the Tournaments, about anything, feel free to contact me.

– Barry

2 Knights
tryout 10/23/2010 at the Somerset Soccer Center
grades 5-6 @ 3-5 PM
grades 7-8 @ 6-8 PM

2-day tryouts (must be at both) at West Essex High School
grades 5-6 11/20/2010 2-3:30 PM and 11/21/2010 5-6:30 PM
grades 7-8 11/20/2010 3:30-5 PM and 11/21/2010 6:30-8 PM

Jersey Jets Lacrosse
tryouts at Power Time Sports Pavillion 12/14/2010
grades 5-8 begin at 7 PM

Leading Edge Lacrosse
tryouts at Rutgers University 11/7/2010
grades 4-6 3-4:30 PM
grades 7-8 4:30-6 PM

tryouts at FDU Turf Field in Madison
grades 6 and 8 – 11/2/10 – 7pm-9PM
grades 5 and 7 – 11/8/10  5-7PM

Team Turnpike Lacrosse –
tryouts at East Brunswick HS 11/21/2010
grades 5-8 4-6 PM

Patriot Lacrosse –
tryouts at Indoor Sports Pavillion Randolph
grades 5 and 7 11/2/2010 5-7 PM
grades 6 and 8 11/9/2010 5-7 PM

Building Blocks
tryouts at Building Blocks Gillette Complex (Formally Copper Springs)
grades 5-7 10/22/2010 6:30-8:30 PM
grade 8 10/24/2010 4:30-6:30 PM

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The Rusty Gate Check

Posted by Barry Marenberg on October 11, 2010

While I certainly do not advocate any youth player trying to execute a Rusty Gate check on defense, Kyle Hartzell’s check on Ryan Boyle in the video below is a well-timed check.  Just a showing of how the game is played on the higher level.

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Our New Shorts!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on October 11, 2010

They rock!

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THUNDERSTRUCK continues to (rock &) ROLL!!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on October 5, 2010

Team Thunderstruck had another huge win this Sunday vs. Maplewood.  We got a lot of scoring from many of our players including some of our defenseman!  We also were gifted with another solid outing in the goal by Ol’ Reliable: Patrick Trezza!

HUGE game this Sunday vs. Sparta/Devils.  Those of you who have sons that play on my  Chiefs team in the Spring will remember much of this Sparta team from the Lightning Lacrosse Tournament last April.  The Sparta/Devils team also includes a few our Chiefs players so you know it will be a very competitive game!

Sunday’s game is 4pm.  Come ready to rock again!

And appropriately for your listening pleasure, click the arrow in the video below 😉

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