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Our Winter Lacrosse Season Is Here!!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on November 30, 2009

As I communicated earlier by e-mail, our first winter lax game is this Friday night (12/4) vs. Sparta at 8pm.  As you know all our games are on Friday nights at ISP in Randolph.  Directions and the complete season schedule can now be found on the ISP website. 

Directions are here:

Online schedule is here:

This week, the boys should arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to our scheduled game time (which changes every week – see the schedule).  Please take traffic into consideration for your travel time to ISP.  League-issued game pinneys will be distributed prior to the start of our game (the players keep these).  I will also go over the league rules with the boys before we take the field. 

All players must wear full equipment (helmet, shoulder pads, gloves, cup).  If there are any travel problems for any of the players please let me know and I’ll make sure everyone has a ride.  Additionally, if you have space in your car/truck, please let me know as well. 

Lastly, if you cannot make this first game (or any future game), please let me know ASAP.

I hope your boys are all as excited about the winter season as I am.  It’s a great opportunity for the boys to keep a stick in their hands and play some competitive lacrosse.  Our focus this winter will be in allowing them to have fun and to try a bunch of different stuff.  Of course I’d prefer to win each week but I mostly just want the boys to enjoy themselves.   Now that the season is about to begin, I plan to update this site more frequently with details about the games, etc. so please check back here often. 

 See you on the field.

 – Coach B

P.S. – a printable copy of our schedule is here:



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Morris Select Summer Lax Holding Another Tryout

Posted by Barry Marenberg on November 21, 2009

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that Morris Select Lacrosse, a local summer elite lacrosse team, will be holding a second round of tryouts on December 6 for 5th and 6th graders.  If your son did not try out on their first try out date in November and your son would like to try out now, Morris Select will be holding a second tryout on Sunday December 6 from 5pm-7pm at the Fairleigh Dickinson University turf field in Madison.  The tryout fee is $25.  The Morris Select team is run by Pat Scarpello, who has been the head coach at FDU for many years.
The Morris Select website is here:  \

As I’ve said in the past, if your son is passionate about lacrosse and wishes to play over the summer and further develop his skills under a great coaching staff, its worth trying out. 

– Coach B

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Heads Up! Winter Lax Starts in 2 Weeks!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on November 19, 2009

Just wanted to remind you all that our Winter Lax season at ISP starts on Friday December 4th!!  I don’t yet have a season schedule or times for our first game.  ISP informed me that they will let me know the week of November 3oth.  If you know that your son will not be available for the first game (or any other Friday night for that matter) please let me know in advance.

– Coach B

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Encouraging Tidbit of Info

Posted by Barry Marenberg on November 18, 2009

According to a recently published study by the NCAA, men’s lacrosse has the highest NCAA Division I graduation rate of any sport. 

(lacrosse players are smart!! 😉 )

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Summer Elite Team Try-Outs (cont’d)

Posted by Barry Marenberg on November 17, 2009

Some of our boys have already been through one or more tryouts.  I hope you were all successful.  For those that have additional tryouts coming up, keep trying your hardest.  I’m sure you will all make one or more teams.  If not, you did your best and after our Spring season you will be in much better shape to try again next year. 

Keep in mind that the coaches are watching you at all times.  Not just when you have the ball or are defending the man with the ball.  They want to see how you play on-ball as well as off-ball.  They want to see how you react when you make a mistake or miss an assignment.  They want to see how you act on the bench.  So…. for the two hours that you spend at the tryout, do your very best, try your very hardest and act as if you are being watched at all time.  Good luck boys!!

– Coach B

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2010 Chiefs Registration is now Open!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on November 15, 2009

Visit the Chiefs website and be sure to sign up for our Spring 2010 season:

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2010 Big City Lacrosse Classic – Tickets on Sale Now!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on November 11, 2009

The Chiefs will be placing an order for tickets to the 2010 Big City Classic ( to be held April 10th at the new Meadowlands Stadium.  Those who attended last year had a blast.  It’s a full day of top-notch lacrosse and we have a great time tailgating in the parking lot before and between the games.  There are three games to be played starting with Hofstra vs. Delaware at 1pm.  At 4pm is Virginia vs North Carolina and at 6:30pm is Princeton vs. Syracuse (last year’s National Champs). 

The Big City Classic is a great opportunity for all our players (especially our new players) to watch top-notch lacrosse in action.  Its fun and a great learning experience for the boys.  Go to the Chiefs website ( for a ticket order form.  Ticket orders must be received by November 30th so don’t delay!

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2010 Spring CHIEFS Registration

Posted by Barry Marenberg on November 8, 2009

Just a heads up that on-line registration for the 2010 Spring CHIEFS season begins on November 15.

Check the Chiefs website at:


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Sunday (11/8) training session for Summer Elite Team tryouts

Posted by Barry Marenberg on November 8, 2009

Today the Chiefs will be holding a practice for all players that would like to practice in preparation for the upcoming Summer Travel Team(s) tryouts. This practice is to help them get ready for all the skills and drills that they will be asked to perform for their tryout. All players are welcome to attend this pracice regardless of the fact if they’re trying out for a summer team.

This practice will be held at New Providence High School (either Aircast or Westfield) today (Sunday 11/8) from 1:30 – 3:30.   Apologies for short notice, this is something that just came together this morning.

– Coach B

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Playing Goalie

Posted by Barry Marenberg on November 2, 2009

When you sign your son up for the CHIEFS team for the Spring season, the CHIEFS will enroll your son in the U.S. Lacrosse Foundation (part of your fee to the CHIEFS) [website for U.S. Lacrosse is in the Blogroll on the right side of this webpage].  U.S. Lacrosse  provides a wealth of information about the sport at all levels and you receive the very informative Lacrosse Magazine. 

For those boys who have expressed an interest in playing goalie, take a look at the article and embedded video in the link I recently received from Lacrosse Magazine online (  Goalie is a tough position as well as an important one and one that is really a fun to play.  It takes some getting used to and some learning a few fundamentals.  I will try and teach as much as I can before the winter games start but for the spring season we will have a good 2 months before we start our competitive season. 

The article in the link and the embedded video provide is very simple to follow and it communicates that basics of playing the goalie position.  Please show it to your son.

– Coach B

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