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Wishing everyone the very best…

Posted by Barry Marenberg on December 23, 2011

As the year comes to an end, I wanted to take the time to wish all my players, their families, all my lax friends and colleagues a very joyous holiday and a happy new year.  I hope everyone gets everything they wish for.

I plan to return fresh in January and post much more regularly.  Spring lax starts in just under 2 months!!  Players: start getting in shape and keep a stick in your hands.

Best to everyone!

– Coach B


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Lacrosse and Physics (Tricks)

Posted by Barry Marenberg on December 20, 2011

Normally I don’t advocate all the stick tricks that the players are so fond of doing after practices and when throwing around in the off-season.  Nevertheless, I do concede that there are some benefits to some of the stick tricks, e.g., hand-eye coordination.  A fellow coach alerted me to the video below.  Its kind of funny and though there aren’t really many lacrosse skills in the tricks, I will say that the player in the video seems to have a nice command of the principles of physics and is also incredibly lucky!


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Chiefs Lacrosse Registration is in Full Swing now!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on December 12, 2011

Spring is coming up fast!  If you have not yet registered to play for the Chiefs in the Spring, do so ASAP.  Normal registration ($190)  ends on December 31st.  Starting January 1, 2012, late registration increases to $220.00.

Our organization has made great strides and has grown exponentially.  We look forward to having your boys with us again in Spring 2012.  You can register at:  Additional information can be viewed on the following flyer:  Chiefs Lacrosse Registration (Dec 2011)

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Wall Ball – Great Deal

Posted by Barry Marenberg on December 8, 2011

Those who know me know that I continuously push my players to keep a stick in their hands and practice throwing and catching.  Wall Ball is an essential part of developing the skills of throwing and catching.  On the top of my blog page is a really good Wall Ball routine for players to practice.  If you do not have a large wall near your home, has a great deal going on right now on a Maverik Bounce Back wall for your back yard.  Its their Deal of the Week and includes free shipping too!  This deal goes from 12/8 – 12/14 so if you have been wanting a lax wall in your yard, here’s a great deal for you!!  Click here: Deal of the Week

See you on the field!

– Coach B


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