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Coach B’s Full Force Lacrosse Winter Team Makes It To Finals!!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on February 26, 2012

Big news!!  

The Full Force Lacrosse Winter lax team that I co-coach with John Shahpazian defeated Tewksbury last night by the score of 9-2.  We are now slated to play Summit Gold on Saturday night (3/3).

The Full Force team played phenomenally well last night.  Every player on the roster contributed and the win was a complete team effort.  We are looking forward to a great Championship game.  All Chiefs  who are around on Saturday night are invited to come out and cheer us on!

– Coach B
Full Force Lacrosse website: Full Force Lacrosse website


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So you want to play lax in college…?

Posted by Barry Marenberg on February 22, 2012

I haven’t had much time recently to write any new/original stuff for the blog but when I see a great post elsewhere, I want you all to know about it!

Recently, my good friend, Connor Wilson over at Lacrosse Allstars ( for whom I write occasionally put up a great article post about what it takes to play lacrosse in college.  I know my son, and the players that I am coaching this Spring (7th grade) are five years away from starting college, but it’s never too early to learn about what it takes.  Connor’s tongue-in-cheek post can be viewed by clicking this link: So You Want To Play Lacrosse in College.

Give it a read.

– B

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Chiefs Lacrosse Partners With Trilogy Lacrosse for 2012 Spring Season

Posted by Barry Marenberg on February 18, 2012

For the 2012 Spring season Chiefs Lacrosse has partnered with Trilogy Lacrosse to offer a fantastic lacrosse pre-season clinic to all our Chiefs teams as well as a separate clinic for all Chiefs coaches.

Trilogy Lacrosse is one of the nation’s top youth and high school programs and has an established reputation as The Leader in Lacrosse Education. Trilogy Lacrosse has taught over 10,000 student-athletes across the nation.  Their students have continued onto to some of the most prestigious college and universities in the country.  Trilogy is run by 5 National Directors who are considered to be 5 of the best lacrosse players in the world: Ryan Boyle (Princeton, Team USA,  Boston Cannons), Mitch Belisle (Cornell, Team USA, Boston Cannons), Matt Striebel (Princeton, Team USA, Rochester Rattlers), Ned Crotty (Duke, Team USA, Rochester Rattlers) and Greg Downing (Fairfield Univ., Boston Cannons).

On March 17th, Trilogy National Director Matt Striebel will join the Chiefs teams for a day of training and lacrosse education.  Matt will work with our teams on all aspects of the game, both offense and defense, starting with fundamentals and working up to more advanced and innovative individual skill development and team strategy.

In addition to working with our players, Trilogy will also be providing our coaches with in-depth training in the Trilogy lacrosse education program.  We believe this is a great opportunity for our coaches to improve their coaching skills.  This is just another way in which the Chiefs Board of Directors is dedicated to improving all aspects of  our program and the experience for all of our players.

As a coach and a huge lacrosse fan, I am really excited that my players will get to work with Matt Striebel and that I, along with all the Chiefs coaches will get to learn from Matt, Ryan and the other Trilogy National Directors.  I can’t think of a better way to get our players ready for the start of the 2012 season!


– Coach B

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NY Giants – More lax diversion

Posted by Barry Marenberg on February 6, 2012

They did it!  They dug down deep and did not let the “underdog” status get to them.  Makes me very proud to be a New Yorker.  Great team with a great fan-base.  Next up – the NY Rangers!!

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A Lax Diversion — Let’s Do it Again G-MEN!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on February 4, 2012

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Practice and Commitment Leads to Some SICK Stick Skills!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on February 1, 2012

At the beginning of every lacrosse season – no matter what grade/age I’m coaching, we spend a great deal of time working on the fundamental skills: passing, catching, groundballs.  We then move on to shooting and dodging, defense, rides and clears, etc.  To master these skills takes a great deal of time and commitment and those who do commit are able to see the fruits of their labor as they develop.

We all know there are some great college and professional lacrosse players out there – both past and present.  Over the years I have seen players do things that are just mesmerizing.  The Gait brothers’ air dives, the Powell brothers’ crease dives, Kyle Hartzell’s rusty gate checks, etc.  This weekend I watched as Team USA lacrosse took on the University of Denver.  Now Team USA is comprised of professional lacrosse players.  Denver is a top-notch NCAA Division I COLLEGE team.  One would think that a team of professional superstars would rout a college team.  Not quite!  Denver took Team USA to overtime and lost in sudden death.  A lot to be said for both of these team.

Denver is led by All-American Attackman Mark Matthews, who has demonstrated some unbelievable lacrosse moves in the past.  He did not disappoint this weekend either.  Take a look at Mark Matthews (#22) “sock dodge” through the Team USA defense in the video below.  They never saw it coming!!  Very impressive!  I had to rewind the DVR at least a half a dozen times to watch it in amazement.

As effortless as Mark Matthews makes this look, I’m pretty confident that he put endless hours in practicing this dodge.  And so, the lesson – AGAIN – practice hard fellas.  If you commit to it, it will pay off for you.

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