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Ground Balls – Master them!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on August 30, 2010

As many of you know, at the youth level the ball spends a substantial amount of time on the ground.  As such, ground ball skills are essential in obtaining possession of the ball.  As players get older, and the ball stays in the air more, the ability to pick up ground balls remains a highly coveted skill.  I know of no coach that would pass up a skilled ground ball player even if that player may need to work a bit more on other fundamental skills.

The following link is from Maverik Univerity (from the Maverik lacrosse company).  In the video, Paul Rabil (one of the best lacrosse players ever) demonstrates the basics of proper ground ball techniques.  I highly advise you to play it for your lacrosse player.  If he has any questions, tell him to give me a call or shoot me an e-mail.  You can view the video by clicking this link:

Keep practicing!

– Coach B


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More on the value of playing other sports

Posted by Barry Marenberg on August 25, 2010

I was reading an interview this morning with Brett Hughes, a former University of Virginia standout and MLL All-Star.  Brett is one of the best longstick defenseman in the game.  In response to the question “How can D-poles looking to go to big time schools get noticed more?“, Brett answered:

Play multiple sports. I brought the thought process of basketball into lacrosse which helped me understand how plays unfolded and allowed me to see what offensive schemes were trying to get accomplished, and football helped me so much with physically playing defense… staying low, being a different type of athlete, and helping me with my overall aggressiveness. And it kept me fresh. I hear of so many kids burning out and I just don’t understand how you can burn yourself out on any sport if you are playing a couple different ones. Lacrosse is my favorite sport, but I absolutely miss football everyday.

Excellent advice!!

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Good Article on the Value of Individual Practice

Posted by Barry Marenberg on August 24, 2010

Every day I read dozens of online articles about the sport of lacrosse (playing, coaching, etc.).  This morning I read a very short but pointed piece about the value of continuous practice in lacrosse. 

The article reiterated the commonly known fact that to be an expert at lacrosse (or anything else) requires a minimum of 10,000 hours of practice.  The article further stated that to improve as a lacrosse player, the player should always keep a stick in his hands.  You can read the complete article here:

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Fall Select Lacrosse Team – Tryouts

Posted by Barry Marenberg on August 10, 2010

We have arranged for the Fall Select lacrosse team tryout to be held on September 1 on the football field at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison.  The tryout will start at 5:30pm.  As communicated previously, the tryout will be presided over by an independent lacrosse coach.  There will be a fee of $10 (cash) for each player to tryout (this money goes to compensating the tryout coach).
All players should arrive a few minutes early to dress, warm-up, etc.  The tryout will commence promptly at 5:30pm and last about 90 minutes.  Players should bring all their equipment and inform the tryout coach as to what position he will be trying out for. 
The plan is to select a roster of 20 players.  Those players that are not selected will have the option of registering for the Fall league as individuals and be placed on other teams needing additional players.  I want to emphasize that the goal of the Fall team is to play top-level lacrosse and have fun doing it.  The boys should not be nervous or anxious about the tryout and should just come out, have fun and do the best they can. 
All games in the Fall league will be played Sunday afternoons on the turf at FDU in Madison at a time between 2pm and 5pm.  The season goes from September 20th to November 8th.  There will be no practices.  The boys simply show up on Sunday afternoons each week to play lax.

The Fall team is not affiliated with the Chiefs in any way.  Furthermore, I want to emphasize again that participation (or non-participation) in the Fall league will not have any effect on a player’s ability to participate in the Winter league or the Spring Chiefs team.  Lastly, this lacrosse team is not intended as a substitute for football or soccer but only as an opportunity for the boys to continue playing lacrosse in the Fall in addition to the conventional Fall sports.

If you have questions about the Fall league or any other lacrosse-related questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

– Coach B

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Even Bucky knows the deal….

Posted by Barry Marenberg on August 5, 2010

Former New York Yankees Shortstop Bucky Dent was on the Fox Business channel this morning discussing the changes in professional baseball since he played, and the high salaries of the ball players today. Towards the end he mentions that there aren’t as many kids playing the game anymore because they are losing numbers because kids are choosing to play other sports such as LACROSSE.

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