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Coach B Is Back!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on June 30, 2012

Hello everyone!  I’m back.  First I should apologize for my long absence from this blog.  Writing this blog has always been something that I truly enjoy doing.  It allows me to combine my passion for the sport of lacrosse and my enjoyment for writing.  There have been so many changes in my life since my last post back in March and those changes caused (forced?) me to lay off my writing to attend to so many other priorities.  New job, coaching a spring 7th grade Chiefs team of 40 boys, watching my daughter in her first year of lacrosse, etc.  Well, its summer now and Zander has already played in 2 of his 4 summer tournaments and I finally have some time to sit down and write.

I’ll spend some posts catching you all up on things that took place through the Spring and some posts on some new things.  Stick with me.  I hope not to have to take these extended absences again.


– Coach B


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