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2012 NCAA Lacrosse on TV – Watch it! (and learn!)

Posted by Barry Marenberg on January 28, 2012

As we approach the start of our Spring season, I hope all Chiefs Lacrosse players are already getting in shape and getting their equipment ready, etc.  While nothing beats actually working on your lacrosse fundamentals, there is a lot players can learn from watching the best of the best play the game.  Once again the ESPN networks will be broadcasting a ton of top-notch Division I lacrosse this season.  Below is this season’s line-up.  All players should make an effort to watch some of these great games and pay attention to the way the players move on the field – those with the ball AND those without the ball.

ESPN 2012 Telecast Schedule (subject to change; all times Eastern)

Feb 17   5:00 p.m.         Towson at Johns Hopkins              ESPNU
Feb 18   1:00 p.m.         Duke at Notre Dame                   ESPN3
Feb 21   5:00 p.m.         Delaware at Johns Hopkins            ESPNU
Feb 24   7:00 p.m.         Maryland at Georgetown               ESPN3
Feb 25   12:00 p.m.        Stony Brook at Virginia              ESPN3
Feb 25   3:00 p.m.         Siena at Johns Hopkins               ESPNU

Mar 2    5:00 p.m.         Johns Hopkins at Princeton           ESPNU
Mar 3    1:00 p.m.         Duke at Maryland                     ESPN3
Mar 4    4:30 p.m.         Syracuse at Virginia                 ESPN/ESPN3
Mar 6    7:00 p.m.*        Manhattan at Johns Hopkins           ESPNU
Mar 7    5:00 p.m.         Towson at Johns Hopkins (women’s)    ESPNU
Mar 10   11:00 a.m.        Princeton vs. North Carolina         ESPNU
Mar 10   1:30 p.m.         Cornell vs. Virginia                 ESPNU
Mar 10   4:00 p.m.         UMBC vs. Johns Hopkins               ESPN3
Mar 16   5:00 p.m.         North Carolina at Duke               ESPNU
Mar 17   2:00 p.m.         Penn at Princeton                    ESPNU
Mar 17   4:00 p.m.         Syracuse at Johns Hopkins            ESPNU
Mar 18   1:00 p.m.         Denver at Notre Dame                 ESPNU
Mar 24   12:00 p.m.        Maryland at North Carolina           ESPNU
Mar 24   12:00 p.m.        Duke at Georgetown                   ESPN3
Mar 24   2:00 p.m.         Johns Hopkins at Virginia            ESPNU
Mar 31   12:00 p.m.        Virginia at Maryland                 ESPNU

Apr 1    1:00 p.m.         Notre Dame vs. St. John’s            ESPN3
Apr 1    4:00 p.m.         Duke vs. Syracuse                    ESPNU
Apr 1    6:30 p.m.         North Carolina vs. Johns Hopkins     ESPNU
Apr 6    6:00 p.m.*        Albany vs. Johns Hopkins             ESPNU
Apr 7    12:00 p.m.        Virginia at North Carolina           ESPN/ESPN3
Apr 11   5:30 p.m.         Virginia at Johns Hopkins (women’s)  ESPNU
Apr 13   6:00 p.m.         Duke at Virginia                     ESPNU
Apr 14   11:00 a.m.        Rutgers vs. Syracuse                 ESPNU
Apr 14   1:30 p.m.         Hofstra at North Carolina            ESPNU
Apr 14   6:00 p.m.         Maryland at Johns Hopkins            ESPNU
Apr 20   5:00 p.m.         ACC Men’s Semifinal #1               ESPNU
Apr 20   7:30 p.m.         ACC Men’s Semifinal #2               ESPNU
Apr 21   3:00 p.m.         Georgetown at Syracuse               ESPNU
Apr 21   5:30 p.m.         Notre Dame at Villanova              ESPNU
Apr 22   3:00 p.m.         ACC Men’s Championship               ESPNU
Apr 23   7:00 p.m.         ACC Women’s Championship             ESPNU
Apr 27   7:30 p.m.         Virginia vs. Penn                    ESPN3
Apr 27   10:00 p.m.        Duke at Denver                       ESPNU
Apr 28   5:00 p.m.         Syracuse at Notre Dame               ESPNU
Apr 28   7:00 p.m.         Cornell at Princeton                 ESPNU

May 3    4:30 p.m.         Big East Men’s Semifinal #1          ESPNU
May 3    7:00/10:30 p.m.   Big East Men’s Semifinal #2          ESPN3/ESPNU*
TBD      TBD               ECAC Men’s Championship              ESPN3
May 4    5:00 p.m.         Ivy League Men’s Semifinal #1        ESPN3
May 4    8:00 p.m.         Ivy League Men’s Semifinal #2        ESPN3
May 5    12:00 p.m.        Big East Men’s Championship          ESPNU
May 5    2:00 p.m.         Army at Johns Hopkins                ESPNU
May 6    10:00 a.m.        America East Men’s Championship      ESPNU
May 6    12:00 p.m.        Ivy League Men’s Championship        ESPNU

Additionally, for the sixth straight year, ESPN networks will provide exclusive coverage of all 15 games from the NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse Championship. Coverage will be in high definition across ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU beginning Saturday, May 12 and concluding with the national title game on Monday, May 28. ESPN3 and ESPN Mobile will also feature select games.


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