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“Fall Ball”!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on September 3, 2011

In the world of sports, the end of summer and the onset of Autumn is usually associated with football and soccer.  At the collegiate level, varsity lacrosse teams have held abbreviated “Fall Ball” lacrosse seasons in the Fall to keep their varsity players loose and work on getting ready for the official Spring season.  

Its only within the last 3-5 years that Fall Ball has become popular at the youth level.  As lacrosse has grown exponentially at the youth level, more and more players are playing the sport outside of the “official” Spring season.  I have written at length in the past about the value of playing multiple sports (Value of Playing Multiple Sports).  I still believe in that value but for lacrosse player that desire to play and/or train year-round there are now endless opportunities to do so.  Clinics, training classes, Fall and Winter leagues and tournament teams… the list goes on.

This past Tuesday night I watched a Fall Ball league tryout for a Fall team that I will be coaching in the Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) Fall Lacrosse League.  We had over 30 players competing for 20 spots on the roster.   Some of you may recall that my Team ThunderStruck won the 5th/6th grade championship last year in the FDU league.  This year the team will play in the 7th/8th grade division and we will play as part of the Full Force Lacrosse program that I am a part of with some of the Chiefs Lacrosse (my Spring league) 8th grade coaches.  So as to be impartial, the Full Force team was selected by two independent lacrosse coaches.  Congratulations to the players that made the 2011 Fall Full Force team.  To those that didn’t make it.  Do not give up. Keep a stick in your hands.  Keep playing as much as you can.  Latch on with another FDU team needing players, sign up for clinics (see my earlier posts about a great clinic being led by Brendan Mundorf and John Lade on Sept. 18th: Mundorf – Lade 9/18/11 Lax Clinic) – just don’t stop trying!

First Full Force Lacrosse game of the 2011 Fall season is September 11.  First Fall lacrosse game.  First Sunday of NFL football. And the 10th year anniversary of one of the darkest days in U.S history – a day in which we remember many loved ones and many heros.  Never Forget!

Enjoy Fall Ball everyone!  HONOR THE GAME

– Coach B


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