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Winding down…

Posted by Barry Marenberg on June 4, 2011

Last night was the final official game of my team’s Spring 2011 season.  Seems like it was just yesterday when the team met outside on a cold March 1 evening for its first practice.  I think my players learned a great deal this season about lacrosse and about life.

I know I learned a great deal this year.  I do with every passing season.  This was the first season in which I platooned 3 squads. For each game I rotated 2 of the 3 squads with the remaining squad being inactive for that particular game.  The squads were selected rather blindly one night by me and my assistant coaches over some drinks.  We knew a bunch of the returning players but we had a large number of new players and we really didn’t have all that much time to evaluate them in 3 short weeks of practices so we pretty much blindly split the team in thirds and hoped for the best.  As we end our season, I think it worked out quite well and we really did a pretty good job creating 3 balanced squads.  One of these days I will take a look at the results of all the games and see which squads really were the most successful.  But who cares?  We had a great core and we were very successful in teaching most of the new players the fundamentals which they needed to compete.  A large part of the reason for our success as a team is that we spent equal amounts of time with returning players and new players and worked very hard to bring all players to a common place of development no matter what level they started at.    My veteran players pitched in a great deal to help the newer players along.  Always nice to see!

Did the platooning of 3 squads please everyone?  Heck no, but it was the best option we had.  I think some players may actually have enjoyed every third game off.  Platooning does create some headaches for the coach though.  Every game day afternoon at about 3:30 (right when the boys get home from school), the calls and emails would start rolling in informing me that this player and that player could not make the game that night, was sick, etc.  I was then forced to start scouring the roster of the non-playing squad to find replacements.  Not a major issue but one that could not be ignored.

My team will play in 2 festivals this weekend.  These games will be purely for fun (are there any that aren’t?!).  Just one final weekend of Spring games before we move into the summer……………………….. and then summer travel lacrosse starts!!  However, this coach will be happily relaxing on the other side of the field as a spectator enjoying watching his son and teammates play and leaving the coaching to others!

For many, lacrosse is now a year-round endeavor.  If you are serious about it, keep a stick in your hands and keep working to improve!

Honor the game!

– Coach B



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