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Stats from Millburn and Branchburg Games

Posted by Barry Marenberg on April 16, 2011

Catching up on our previous games stats:

(1) Saturday April 9 vs. Millburn – 2-2 Tie
– Both goals were scored by Eric Nieves.
– The team shot 17%
– Connor Morang made 3 saves in the cage and successfully cleared all 3 of them.
– Jonathan Wong led the team with 4 ground balls

(2) Sunday April 10 vs. Branchburg – Chiefs win 4-1
– Awesome game in the goal for James Duffy!
– Much better shooting percentage – 29%
– Goals were scored by Eric Nieves (2), Nick Castagna and Hudson Barth
– Nieves also had 6 GBs and Turner Haddad had 5 GBs!  Those GBs win games!!

Shooting percentage needs to go up so we will be working on that in a big way!


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