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To Improve – Lax Players Must Practice On Their Own!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on March 2, 2011

I repeatedly tell my players (and their parents) that its essential that they practice their game on their own.  We meet only 5 hours a week for practice.  On non practice days, the players should work cradling, scooping and throwing/catching/shooting on their own.

Whether a player teams up with some other teammates, practices with a parent or just works on his own, the benefits of working fundamentals outside practice will pay dividends as the season progresses.  Trust me!

Self practice can be nothing more than standing and cradling a ball in the stick (on both sides) for a few minutes.  It can be nothing more than tossing a ball on the grass, running and scooping it up over and over.  Any little thing helps.  At the top of this page you can click a link that opens a document that describes a bunch of different drills that a player can do on his own and with the participation of a parent, sibling, or friend.  The link is entitled “Individual & Parent Assisted Drills for Players”  Take a look!

See you all on the field.

– Coach B


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