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Is your stick ready?!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on February 23, 2011

As we get ready to start Spring lacrosse practices I realize many of the players may have not picked up a lax stick since last year.  We also have our new players who are playing with sticks for the first time.  To that end, I wanted to take a moment to share how important it is for a player to take care of his stick.

Throwing and catching are easier if the stick head has a deep or developed pocket.  If a player’s stick pocket is not developed, they will be at a disadvantage.  Like a new baseball glove, working in a perfect pocket in a lacrosse stick (new or old) takes some time.  I always instruct players to pound in the pocket mesh and to take a lacrosse ball insert it in the pocket and stick a screwdriver (or wooden spoon, etc) through the mesh below the sidewall from  side to side to keep the ball pressed down into the pocket.   Some lax players even run the lacrosse head (with the ball and screwdriver) under the faucet or shower head to wet it and allow it to dry overnight with the screwdriver and ball remaining in the head.  When the stick mesh dries there should be a nicely formed pocket.  At this point, the player can fiddle with the pocket to form it as he deems best. A picture of what the stick/ball/screwdriver looks like can be seen here:

Stretching (side) Stretching (Top)
You may need to throw and catch with your newly formed pocket for a bit in order to shape it the way you want.  Additionally, some players like to strategically place tape on their shafts.  Each player is different.  Some like to form a “knob” at the bottom of their stick and/or put tape up where their top hand goes so they always have “feel” on their stick.
Your stick is your weapon on the lax field so take care of it!
– Coach B

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