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NCAA Lax has started – Watch the games on TV to learn!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on February 16, 2011

In my December 20th 2010 post (you can access it by scrolling down), I posted a list of all the NCAA lacrosse games that will be broadcast on the different ESPN channels this Spring.

NCAA lacrosse has now begun!  The first game on ESPN is THIS Saturday (February 19) at noon when Johns Hopkins takes on Towson.  This game can be viewed live on the computer at

THEN, on Sunday ESPN will broadcast live the Duke vs. Notre Dame game (a re-match of last year’s National Championship game!).  A top caliber game to get the season rolling!

I’ve added the entire ESPN Lacrosse TV broadcast schedule to the top of this blog.  The page is named LAX 2011 ON TV. 

As I’ve said time and time again, there is a lot a player can learn by watching top-notch players in action.  Parents: if your player cannot watch while these games are broadcast, set the DVR for them to watch it at a more convenient time.  The guys who play for these NCAA teams started out just like our Chiefs!!



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