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From – Creative Lacrosse Training & Player Development: PRACTICE!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on February 10, 2011

Every day I read a bunch of lacrosse-related websites and even lacrosse-related more e-mail newsletters.  One of the best (but not the only one 😉 ) is Lacrosse AllStars (LAS for short) at:   LAS boasts a number of fantastic authors who post regularly on all things lacrosse – news, games, teams, practice and skills tips, gear, etc.   One of my favorite authors (but not the only one 😉 ) on LAS is Connor Wilson.

I’ve met and spoken with Connor a bunch of times in the past.  Connor played lacrosse for Wesleyan University and continues to play on various post-collegiate club teams.   His columns on LAS are required reading by anyone interested in lacrosse!

This week Connor posted an awesome article that touches upon lacrosse players and summer elite/travel teams.  The bigger message in Connor’s article though is the importance of PRACTICE.   Connor’s point in the article is that coaches and players should spend more time practicing during their season and improving and developing all the fundamentals skills of the game.  Connor’s position is that lacrosse player development should come from engaging and creative practicing.  I could not agree more. 

I know players sometimes dread the endless drills and conditioning that we put them through at practices.  Some of that is necessary to get the players into shape and develop and refine their fundamental skills.  Beyond that I always try to make practices fun and competitive so that the players participate in game-like situations and get a lot of touches.  My Chiefs and ThunderStruck teams have been very successful each year so I belive my coaches and I are getting it right. 

Connor’s article can be accessed by clicking the below link.  Please give it a read and bookmark the LAS website! 

Click to read article: creative-lacrosse-training-player-development-practice

Practice starts in just a couple of weeks.  Hope you are all as excited about it as I am!

– Coach B



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