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Middie (and Attack) Defense

Posted by Barry Marenberg on November 22, 2010

As a former Defenseman I often spend a great deal of my coaching time working with the longpoles.  I am, however, of the strong belief that every position on the field must understand how to play defense.  With particular respect to Middies and Attackmen, scoring is only 50% of their “job”.   The other 50% involves playing DEFENSE!  When the ball is in the opponents’ possession, the Middies must play defense the length of the field.  When the opposing goalie clears the ball, the Attackmen must ride their defenseman all the way to the middle of the field.  Remember the old sports adage: DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS (or at least wins games);  I wholeheartedly agree!

One of my favorite professional lacrosse players is Anthony Kelly.  Anthony played in college at Ohio State and currently plays in the MLL for the Chicago Machine and in the NLL for the Rochester Knighthawks.  Anthony is known as one of the preeminent face-off specialists in lacrosse.  In the video below, Anthony discusses the importance of defense by Middies and demonstrates a number of tips and skills.  If you are a Middie (or an Attackman!), I strongly urge you to watch the video.  Click the arrow in the center of the below video to play it.

For more on playing Defense (all positions) go to my post of September 22, 2010.

Honor The Game!

– Coach B


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