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A Brief Vacation From Coaching….

Posted by Barry Marenberg on November 16, 2010

After a full Spring season, Summer travel season (as a spectator for the first time in 5 years!) and the just-ended Fall season, Coach B finally has some down time!   Granted, it will all start up again soon when my son starts his winter indoor season and I begin coaching with Full Force lacrosse in their winter training program.

This downtime though gives me an opportunity to reflect and to begin planning for the Spring season.  My league is currently holding its registration and we are anticipating a banner Spring season in all grades.  I’ve already begun drafting up some new drills, plays and have registered to attend the US Lacrosse Annual Convention in January 2011.  My goal in the coming Spring is to help EVERY player raise the level of his game no matter what his skill level is from the outset.

Winter should not be a downtime for lax players.  Playing other sports will benefit your play on the lax field.  There are also formal opportunities to play or train for lacrosse or you can do a great deal on your own.  Keep a stick in your hands as much as possible.  So long as the weather cooperates, hit the wall as much as you can.

If I can help anyone with winter training, do not hesitate to contact me.  Lastly, see my previous post for the new 2011 Chiefs T-Shirt.  A portion of the sales of each shirt will be donated to the Chiefs organization so please support our club.


– Coach B
(By the way, Yes, I know I don’t have quite as much hair as the guy in the image!)


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