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Team THUNDERSTRUCK set for Fall Ball!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on September 12, 2010

I am psyched for our fall team and season. We are Team THUNDERSTRUCK.

While we anticipate that many players will play multiple positions in the Fall season, the following is how the team was selected (in no particular order):

Attack & Middies:
Frankie Appolonia
Hudson Barth
Liam Carney
Nicholas Castagna
Tyler Lawton
Zachary Lima
Eric Nieves
Chris Reynolds
Cole Herrigel
Ryan Pope
Billy Vignali
Pete Dobbs

Doug Anderson
Zander Marenberg
Mario Argenziano
Sean Hannaford

Patrick Trezza
Connor Morang

Some wicked cool shorts are on order for us and I hope to have them prior to Game 1 (which is September 19th).  I don’t yet have our game time but will blast it out to you as soon as I get it.  Hope the boys are as excited as I am!

Keep practicing!

– Coach B


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