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More on the value of playing other sports

Posted by Barry Marenberg on August 25, 2010

I was reading an interview this morning with Brett Hughes, a former University of Virginia standout and MLL All-Star.  Brett is one of the best longstick defenseman in the game.  In response to the question “How can D-poles looking to go to big time schools get noticed more?“, Brett answered:

Play multiple sports. I brought the thought process of basketball into lacrosse which helped me understand how plays unfolded and allowed me to see what offensive schemes were trying to get accomplished, and football helped me so much with physically playing defense… staying low, being a different type of athlete, and helping me with my overall aggressiveness. And it kept me fresh. I hear of so many kids burning out and I just don’t understand how you can burn yourself out on any sport if you are playing a couple different ones. Lacrosse is my favorite sport, but I absolutely miss football everyday.

Excellent advice!!


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