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Stats from last four games

Posted by Barry Marenberg on May 17, 2010

Fell a little behind on the stats but better late than never.  Below are stats from all games last week (Millburn, Watchung Hills, Basking Ridge and Cranford).

(1) Millburn Game (Tuesday 5/11)

– Scoring Percentage: 23% – 3 goals on 13 shots on goal. 

 – Goals: Goals were scored by: Castagna and Nieves (2).

Assists: Eric Nieves assisted on one of the three goals.

Saves: Connor Morang made 6 saves and successfully cleared 4 of them.

Face-Offs: won 3 out of 6  face-offs.  50%.

Ground Balls: the team picked up 19 ground balls in the game. 

Penalties: we committed 7 penalties and served time for all of them, including two for unnecessary roughness.  We need to avoid those types of penalties.

(2) Watchung Hills Game (Tuesday 5/12)

Dave Hannaford, our official team statistician was away for this game and the Basking Ridge game so the only thing I was able to record and focus on the game was goals and assists.

Goals were scored by Castagna (4) and Nieves (1).  Nieves also assisted on one of the goals scored by Castagna.

(3) Basking Ridge Game (Saturday 5/15)

In this high scoring game for the Chiefs, goals were scored by: Castagna (4), Nieves (2), Pencek, Herrigel, Wong, Reynolds and O’Halloran for his first ever lacrosse goal!

(4) Cranford Game (Sunday 5/16)

– Scoring Percentage: 53% – 9 goals on 17 shots on goal. NICE!

 – Goals: Goals were scored by: Castagna (2), Anderson (2), Wong, Duffy, Barth, Barletta and Jones.

Assists: Three of the goals were assisted: (Barletta, Jones, Nieves).

Saves: Connor Morang made an awesome game in the cage with 11 saves.

Face-Offs: won 5 out  8  face-offs.  63%.

Ground Balls: the team picked up 32 ground balls in the game. 

Penalties: we committed 3 slashing penalties.


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