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A Bump in the Road – Stats from Loss to Branchburg on 5/8/10

Posted by Barry Marenberg on May 11, 2010

This past Saturday we came up against a very hungry Branchburg team yesterday and had a bit of a breakdown of our fundamentals. We chalk it up to a learning experience and put it behind us.  Here are the stats from the game:

– Scoring Percentage: 15% – 3 goals on 20 shots on goal for a scoring percentage of 14%.  We also missed the goal a number of times which could have led to a different end result.

 – Goals: Goals were scored by: Castagna (2) and Carney.

Assists: Eric Nieves assisted on all 3 goals.

Saves: Connor Morang made 4 saves and successfully cleared 2 of them.

Face-Offs: won 5 out of 7  face-offs. 

Ground Balls: the team picked up 31 ground balls in the game.  Turner Haddad and Eric Nieves had 4 ground balls each.  Cole  and  Ryan Pope each had 3. 

Penalties: we committed 4 penalties and served time for all of them.

Busy week ahead:

Millburn on Tuesday night at 7pm – GL

Watchung Hills on Wednesday night 7pm at the Old Stirling Turf Field in Watchung.  Directions to field are on Chiefs website.

Practice on Thursday night – 6pm.

Lets get back on track and continue racking up the WINS!

– Coach B


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