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Bronze Medal at the Thunderbolt Tournament

Posted by Barry Marenberg on May 2, 2010

What a great job our team did.  I’m very proud of our players who took 3rd place in the Tournament.  Connor Morang was great in goal all 4 games for us.

We started out with a hard-fought win over Allentown at 8:45am in the morning.  From there the day got hotter and hotter.  We won big in our second game over Hopewell and we were on a roll.  In our third game we had our backs against the wall down 2-1 to Sparta when we came back and scored to tie the game at the end.  There is no OT in the Tournament so we ended 2-0-1.  Unfortunately Sparta ended with 1 goal more than us through their three games and ended up taking the top spot in our division.  They battled West Windsor in the Gold Medal game while we played East Brunswick for 3rd place.  We were familiar with East Brunswick from earlier in the season and we again came out on top against them.

It was a great day for all our players and the Chiefs organization with the 4th grade team taking the Gold Medal in their division.  I’m looking forward to next year.  Gold Medal.


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