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Stats from Cranford Game (4/21/10). Another Win!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on April 22, 2010

A win is a win.  It seemed a sloppy game last night but the weather was a bit crummy and it was getting darker and darker as the game progressed.  We obviously all still came together to pull out a scrappy win. 

– Scoring Percentage: We shot 26%.  Six goals on 23 shots.  There were a number of missed shots and we will work on shooting more accurately in practice.

 – Goals: Goals were scored by Carney (Hat Trick!), Nieves (1), Castagna ( 1), and Barth (1) for his first ever goal as a lacrosse player.  Great job guys.  I’m looking forward to getting scoring from more players in future games.

Assists: On the 6 goals scored, 3 were assisted.  Not bad.

Save/Clears: Connor Morang was back in goal for us this week and played very well.  Connor had 7 saves and successfully cleared 4 out of 5 times!

Face-Offs: won 5 out of 9 face-offs.  Better than 50%,

Ground Balls: the team picked up 23 ground balls in the game.  This is less than our previous game and in part attributable to the fact that we kept the ball in the air much more than the prior games.

Penalties: we committed 2 minutes of penalties.  Much better.

Full weekend ahead of us.  Westfield on Saturday at GL at 1pm.  Maplewood on Sunday at Columbia H.S. at 1:30pm.  Both Westfield and Maplewood are very competitive teams so the Chiefs will need to be fully on their game.  I know we can do it!

 See you on the field.

– Coach B


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