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Stats from Sunday’s game at Somerset Hills + More

Posted by Barry Marenberg on April 13, 2010

We played another great game on Sunday vs. Somerset Hills.  We were missing a number of players due to Spring vacation, etc. but all our players in attendance stepped up and played hard to get the well-earned win.  Here are some stats from the game (thanks again to Dave Hannaford for keeping the scorebook):

– Scoring Percentage: We shot 45% meaning 5 goals out of 11 shots on goal – almost 50%– pretty good!!.

Goals: Goals were scored by Carney and Castagna.  I’m looking forward to getting scoring from more players in future games.

Assists: On the 5 goals scored, 2 were assisted by Eric Nieves.  Barth and Carney also had assists and one of the goals was unassisted.

Save/Clears: Connor Morang had 4 saves and successfully cleared 4 out of 6 times.  Very Nice!  That’s a great stat for him and our transition defensemen and middies.

Face-Offs: in spite of the score we didn’t win the majority of our face-offs so we will work on this in practice.

Ground Balls: the team picked up 41 ground balls in the game.  That is an awesome number. 

Penalties: we committed 2 slashing penalties and were called for 5 pushes.  We need to avoid the ground ball push penalties.   

Busy weekend coming up with our first home game on Saturday vs. Watchung Hills (always a tough opponent) and Sunday at Long Hill. 

Lastly, I was reading an article online the other day by a long-time lacrosse player and now a sucessful coach.  He stated flat out that  “The longer you have been playing, the harder it is to develop your weak hand.  All new players should start working both hands. You aren’t a total threat unless you can go both ways.”  I couldn’t agree with this more and that is why I continue to implore the boys to work on cradling on their non-dominant side and to practice throwing/catching/shooting with their weak hand when they practice on their own.

See you on the field!

– Coach B


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