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Game 1 – Spring 2010….

Posted by Barry Marenberg on March 29, 2010

Not exactly the result we hoped for but the coaching staff learned a lot about the players on our team and we plan to use that going forward.  Yesterday also gave our new players the first opportunity to see how a competitive lacrosse game operates.  In spite of the score, we do believe we have found a pair of competitive goalies for our team and both Connor Morang and James Duffy did a great job in the cage.

Yesterday’s game is black-and-white evidence of what the coaches and I have been saying from day 1 — that lacrosse is a game of passing, catching and running.  If you haven’t mastered passing and catching then its difficult to create the scoring opportunities.  We will continue to work on that in practice.  Also, the game is constant running and that’s why the conditioning we do is so important. 

It became evident during the game that the large roster we have led to a lot of players standing on the sidelines.   We can only play 9 boys at a time (not including the goalie) and we want to be sure all our players get adequate playing time.  The coaching staff is considering splitting up the team into squads.  Both the 4th grade Chiefs team and the 6th grade Chiefs team are currently doing this.  It allows the coaches to “coach” more effectively and provides the players with more playing time.  I will communicate later this week how we plan to proceed in this regard. 

For now, lets look ahead and focus on our practices this week and our next game on Saturday.

– Coach B


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