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The 2010 5th Grade Chiefs Lacrosse Season Has Officially Started!!

Posted by Barry Marenberg on March 6, 2010

The 2010 Chiefs 5th grade lacrosse season has started!!   We held our first team practice this morning (3/6) and we were fortunate to have some great weather.  We were also fortunate to be invited to practice along with the Governor Livingston High School lacrosse team.  A big thanks to Coach Tyler Brown for allowing these 5th grade boys a unique opportunity to practice with his high school team. 

It’s understandable that some of our new players (and even some of our returning players) may feel a little confused or even dejected in the way they performed today.  They should NOT feel that way.  We have a long way to go and with time every player will begin to feel comfortable passing, catching, etc.  The coaching staff has a lot to teach and with repetition it will all fall into place for all our players.

I noticed that some of the players had new sticks (and some had some old ones) that did not have a deep or developed pocket.  If a player’s pocket is not developed, they will be at a disadvantage in passing and catching.  I instructed the players to pound in the pocket and to take a lacrosse ball insert it in the pocket and stick a screwdriver through the mesh below the sidewall from  side to side to keep the ball pressed down into the pocket.  Some lax players even run their lacrosse head under the faucet or shower head to wet it and allow it to dry overnight with the screwdriver and ball remaining in the head.  A picture of what this looks like can be seen here: 

Stretching (side) Stretching (Top)

For our players that were unable to attend today’s practice, I look forward to seeing ALL of you on Tuesday at 5pm.

See you on the field.

– Coach B



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