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Learn from watching great lax on TV

Posted by Barry Marenberg on February 28, 2010

One great way to learn lacrosse and/or improve is to watch top-notch college players or professionals play the game.  A lot can be gained from watching how the players cradle, scoop ground balls and pass and shoot.  Watching a good offense move the ball around the perimeter and find the open man to shoot and score shows young players how a great offense works.  Watching a defense play physically and take away the ball from an offense player or watching a goalie make a great save and clear the ball up field shows our young players how a great defense operates. 

ESPNU and ESPN2 have a ton of great NCAA lacrosse games on this season.  There were 4 great games on today (Sat. 2/27) and there are a couple more on tomorrow (Sun. 2/28).  Take a look at the schedule in the link at the top of my blog page for the full listing of all ESPN games on TV this season. 

There is also some great local lacrosse at Drew University and Fairleigh Dickinson.  A little further away is Rutgers and Princeton.  Links to these teams are on the right side of my blog page.   In a few more weeks the high schools will start their seasons.  As you may know, Summit H.S. was the NJ State Champion lax team last year.

While practice is the best way to learn and improve as a lacrosse player, a great deal can be gained from watching the experts and pros.  Find a game and have your player watch and learn.

– Coach B


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