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Turning upwards…

Posted by Barry Marenberg on January 26, 2010

After 2 losses over the last couple of weeks we turned ourselves around this past Friday and fought to a 7-7 tie against Millburn.  The boys passed the ball substantially more than they had in past weeks and the increased passing created more scoring opportunities.  Lets continue this and build on it for the coming week’s game.

Our game this Friday (1/25) is vs. Highlands.  Gametime is 6pm and we are playing on Field 2 (the field on which we beat Summit!).  Please have your player at ISP by 5:30pm.

This week’s game is our last “regular season” winter game.  After this weekend the league will rank all the teams based on their records and seed them for the playoffs, which begin on Friday February 5th.  Once I have the playoff schedule I will e-mail all of you and also post it here.

See you on the field!  Lets finish out the season with a big WIN!!

– Coach B


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