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A Big Win vs Summit and A Note to Team Parents & Players

Posted by Barry Marenberg on December 20, 2009

What a great game last night!!  I have stated many times that this team is a work in progress and last night I think we all saw a great deal of that progress coming to fruition.  I apologize to the boys for not speaking with them immediately after the game but I was pulled away on an urgent matter and when I was through speaking most of the boys had left.  Please let them all know how proud I am of them.  We had solid goaltending last night, passing and shooting were improved and there were a number of great assists on the goals we scored (an excellent indication that we are starting to pass more instead of holding the ball too long!).  Beating Summit is great achievement.  Our next game is January 8th since the next 2 Friday nights are holidays.  The January 8th game is 10pm (!!) so please plan accordingly for that timeslot. 
Now, there is a matter of importance that I’d like to communicate to all of you.  Its important to me that all parents (and the players) are fully informed on how the team is run and that it is my intention to run our lacrosse teams in the fairest way possible.  Coach Argenziano and I spend a good amount of time before each game putting the lines together to maximize our chances of scoring and to match up middie lines with attack lines so that the boys are comfortable with each other, trust each other (or are learning to) and work well with each other.  When we designate lines as “first line”, “second line”, etc. those words mean nothing!  Just because one player is on the “first line” and another is on the “second line” does not mean the “first line” is the better line in any way.  Those designations mean nothing.  Its just the by-product of how Coach Argenziano and I set up the game based on which boys are playing that week and which boys are not, and based on what we know about the strengths and weaknesses of the other team and how we can match up against those strengths and weaknesses. 
We try our hardest to get each player as much playing time as possible and we do our best to make adjustments when necessary.  Each of the players is responsible for being ready to take the field when they or their lines are called.  There are no horns or stoppage of play in this league so all substitutions are made “on the fly”.  If a player is not ready to go when his line is called, or chooses not to go out on a called shift, or second-guesses one of the coaches about playing time, the make-up of their line or anything else, that player will miss that shift.  I believe this makes it fair for all the players who are ready to go when they are called for.  Also, any player who plays dangerously or whom the other team’s coach or the referee feels may be playing dangerously or in violation of the rules will see a reduction in playing time. 
Lastly, though Coach Argenziano and I collaborate extensively, I typically make all the game-time decisions and direct the play on the field.  Coach Argenziano determines when to send out the lines and to switch up the make-up of lines if necessary.  This may change in the for the Spring season but its working for now.
If any parent has any issues with any of the above (or anything else), please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss. 
Have a great Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!  I look forward to seeing you all on January 8th (you’ll surely hear from me before then!).
– Coach B


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