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Another Battle to a Tie in Game 2 of the Winter Season

Posted by Barry Marenberg on December 13, 2009

In our second game of the winter season we again fought to a 6-6 tie.  Though we were without our regular goalie, we got some solid goaltending from Connor Cook.  We had some great goals and a few missed opportunities that we will surely work to cut down on.  A very important observation Coach Argenziano and I have made is the need for all players to play defense when the other team has possession of the ball.  Defense is not just a position for the “defensemen” with the long sticks.  After our team takes a shot on goal and the goalie makes a safe and clears it to his own men, or when the other team brings the ball in from out of bounds, our middies and attackmen must hustle and play defense against the ball carrier and the other players on offense.  Lacrosse is a fast game and the winter league is as close to a non-stop game as possible.  Thus, all players need to be moving at all times.  In future games we will be trying to maximize the match-ups of our players against the players on the other teams.  Hopefully this will give us a bigger advantage and lead us to more victories.

Our third game this Friday (12/18) is vs Summit at 5pm.  All players should be at ISP by 4:30pm.  I know all of us would like to come out full-speed against Summit to get our first “W”!

See you on the field!

– Coach B


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