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Summer Elite Team Try-Outs (cont’d)

Posted by Barry Marenberg on November 17, 2009

Some of our boys have already been through one or more tryouts.  I hope you were all successful.  For those that have additional tryouts coming up, keep trying your hardest.  I’m sure you will all make one or more teams.  If not, you did your best and after our Spring season you will be in much better shape to try again next year. 

Keep in mind that the coaches are watching you at all times.  Not just when you have the ball or are defending the man with the ball.  They want to see how you play on-ball as well as off-ball.  They want to see how you react when you make a mistake or miss an assignment.  They want to see how you act on the bench.  So…. for the two hours that you spend at the tryout, do your very best, try your very hardest and act as if you are being watched at all time.  Good luck boys!!

– Coach B


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