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Posted by Barry Marenberg on October 17, 2009

The game of lacrosse requires protective equipment.  For those of you whose boys have not yet played lacrosse you will need the following equipment:
(1) Helmet (with a mouthpiece.  The same type as used for football)
(2) Lacrosse stick
(3) Lacrosse gloves
(4) Shoulder pads
(5) Arm pads
(6) Protective cup

I will provide a goalie helmet, goalie chest protector and a goalie stick to those who want to play goalie.  The games at ISP this winter will be played on a turf field so the same cleats the boys wear for football and soccer can be worn for lacrosse. 
I suggest you visit Thompsons in Summit for all your equipment needs.  They will usually have a package deal for the Chiefs and there is usually a discount.  The Thompson’s people are also very helpful for the new player.  Another good local lacrosse store is Lacrosse Unlimited in Madison (across from STAPLES and next to the Starbucks).  Also, (see the blogroll on the right) is a fantastic online lacrosse equipment store.  If you pay a one-time fee to become a member of ClubLax, you get a lifetime discount on all purchases.  (see here:

You will no doubt see that lacrosse equipment ranges widely in price (with some of it down-right wicked expensive!!).   For players new to the game, there is no need to spend a fortune on the high-priced fancy sticks, gloves and shoulder pads.  The helmet is important so don’t skimp there.

For those players that are new to lacrosse, you might have seen some of the other players playing with a longer stick (thats a defense stick).   I suggest all new players start out with a regular sized (short) stick.  Once the player gets comfortable with the regular stick, if he desires to be a defenseman, we can get him acclimated to a long stick. 

If you have any questions about equipment, do not hesitate to ask me.

– Coach B


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