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Practicing On Your Own – Cradling

Posted by Barry Marenberg on October 16, 2009

At this point in time as we head into the Winter indoor season the most important thing for our new players is to get comfortable cradling and holding on to the ball in their stick.  This is easily done outside in the yard or even in the basement of your house. 

Lacrosse is a game where the most successful players are those that practice on their own (at home or wherever) in addition to the organized team practices.  To practice cradling, all a new player needs to do is put a ball in his stick and carry it around “cradling” it.  The idea is obviously to rock the stick and keep the ball in the stick but it’s also to get the player to feel comfortable and “feel” the ball in the stick without having to look directly at it.  Another essential skill for any lacrosse player is to be comfortable cradling, throwing and catching on both sides (right and left) so when practicing cradling at home be sure to give even focus to cradling on both the sides (right and left or better referred to as dominant side and non-dominant side).

YouTube is a very valuable source for lacrosse skills, etc.  Every now and then I’ll include a link to a helpful video that you might want to have your player watch.  I will of course go through cradling basics with the players but here is a helpful YouTube video on the basics of cradling:

Keep practicing…

– Coach B


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