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Posted by Barry Marenberg on October 15, 2009

Welcome! If you were alerted to this blog it is because your son has played for me in the past, is currently playing for me or will play for me in the upcoming season,  I’ve set this blog up as a source for all our lax goings-on.  I will do my best to keep it updated and timely.  I plan to use it for all our lax team announcements and you should check here frequently for practice times/changes, game information, and a lot of lax-related chatter (bookmark this link:  I also plan to upload suggestions for helping your boys practice on their own, drills, etc.  While I intend to keep the blog “local” – just for you – the parents and players of our Winter and Spring teams, by all means feel free to give the blog address to anyone you feel may be interested in reading it.  If you have suggestions for information you’d like me to post here please let me know.   By the way, for you computer-savvy parents, you can add this page to your RSS reader so that you are alerted to all blog updates.

Coach Barry


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